Durand Jones' Debut LP Back In Stock!!

The immediately sold out debut from Durand Jones & The Indications is now back in stock!  And while the blue vinyl is gone, the black is now readily available in the same heavy-duty, gatefold tip-on jackets!  Here's what folks are saying about the record:

“Easily one of the best deep soul albums we've heard in years.” – DUSTY GROOVE

“… a terrific debut” - PURE VOLUME

“Durand Jones & The Indications are soulful perfection on ‘Smile.’ The song, which will be instantly appealing to fans of the likes of Charles Bradley and Leon Bridges is the essence of soulful rock and roll.” - BULLETT

“Durand Jones and the Indications hearken back to a time when soul was recorded, performed, and (if possible) heard live.” – POPMATTERS

[5/5 stars!] “If anyone tells you that soul music just ain't what it used to be, slug that person in the gut. OK, that's a bit severe. A better idea is to give that naysayer a copy of the new album from Durand Jones and The Indications. You only need to listen to the first couple bars of 'Make a Move' to realize that this is soul music the way it used to be. Then you hear Jones' voice and it's hard not to think about singers like Sam Cooke. His voice is even and a little raspy. Oh, and he sings about social issues just like Curtis Mayfield… a first-rate soul band.” – EXAMINER

“Durand Jones is bringing classic soul music into the present.” - DC ROCK LIVE

“Durand Jones kicks it old-school with debut LP” – THE HERALD TIMES

“A perfect way to start any day, not just the weekend. Get some Durand Jones & The Indications in your life, you won’t regret it.” – FLEAMARKET FUNK

“… soul music that's so much of the old school that it might as well drive a car with fins.” - MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL

“…a phenomenal debut and modern soul record.” - EASY STREET RECORDS

“… a soulful beast. The album is beautifully produced, mostly straight to tape from a basement in Indiana, and awash with sexy horn lines, hooky Funk guitar and perfectly placed organ pads. Even with all this great music that The Indications has to offer, Jones absolutely dominates the songs with his powerful, soulful and ever-evolving voice.” - SPILL MAGAZINE

“ … a very sharp debut album… a total gem.” - THE VINYL DISTRICT