Karate Boogaloo Announces 'Hold Your Horses' LP
Happy Tuesday, boogers!

As is tradition around here, that usually means good news is on the way. This time it's out of Melbourne, Australia (which its inhabitants are already enjoying their Wednesday morning toast and eggs, because the earth is round.)

A few weeks ago we announced the signing of Karate Boogaloo and partnership with their label, College of Knowledge. They dropped a singled called "The Early Bird Catches", and simultaneously everyone's heads exploded. If you survived the incident and are here reading this email, boy do we have news for you.

You guessed it: an album soon come.


That's the title. It drops May 3rd and is available for pre-order TODAY. The packaging is sick. The music is sicker. To prove it, they just released a new single on streaming services called "One Hand One Bounce". 01/01 would recommend. That's an Australia joke because everything is upside down in the land of the long weekend.

Karate Boogaloo
Hold Your Horses
Colemine Records
New Single: "One Hand One Bounce" out now!

Street Date: May 3, 2024
Colemine-Exclusive Cream Vinyl Ltd 500 Copies

Karate Boogaloo are proud to present Hold Your Horses, a mesmerizing new long-playing disc of original instrumental tunes from Melbourne, Australia’s most dedicated.

Sitting at the core of Melbourne’s burgeoning movement of cinematic instrumental soul, Karate Boogaloo’s roots go deep into the fabric of the DIY soul idiom. A mainstay of the Melbourne underground over the last decade, their now sought-after series of LPs delving into hip-hop sample culture and its relationship to funk music, The ‘KB’s Mixtapes’, are evidence of their long-standing contribution to the development of the Melbourne cinematic soul sound. 

Henry Jenkins, Hudson Whitlock, Callum Riley, and Darvid Thor have been playing music together since their playground days. Meeting as high school preteens, these four friends explored the teachings of the great small combo instrumental bands à la Booker T & The MG’s and The Meters. With these lessons in one hand and their characteristic sense of goofy humor in the other, the ensuing 15+ years saw Karate Boogaloo develop the kind of shared musical language that can only be built through countless hours spent together existing as friends and musical allies. 

Karate Boogaloo’s singular bond shines brightly on Hold Your Horses, the second album of original Karate Boogaloo compositions. Following on from the cult classic Carn The Boogers (College Of Knowledge Records, 2020),  Hold Your Horses is a document of KB’s distinct interpretation of instrumental funk. A bona-fide journey from start to finish, each tune melds seamlessly into the next, deftly creating a world built on moments of cinematic tension, whimsical melodies and eerie discordance and underpinned by undeniable super heavy funk. Hold Your Horses respectfully builds on a legacy of soul music whilst remaining unimpeachably unique and authentic. 

Recorded and mixed by bassist Henry Jenkins, the mind responsible for the sound of the entire College Of Knowledge catalogue (Surprise Chef, The Pro-Teens, Let Your Hair Down, Karate Boogaloo), Hold Your Horses employs a methodology for writing and recording music that mirrors KB’s long relationship together. “It’s always instrumental, and it’s always recorded live. We have a strict no overdubs policy,” Jenkins explains. All of the songs were written collaboratively in the studio, with no pre-prepared material being brought in by any member. It's a process specifically designed to maximize the strengths of the band and their relationship to one another; KB’s MO is enabled by their innate understanding of one another as people and musicians. 

Stylistically, links can be drawn to the deep funk of the late 60s and early 70s, certain examples of European film music and new wave of instrumental soul. The restrained instrumental palette is limited to drums, guitar, bass and organ, establishing a distinct and consistent tone throughout, yet the use of dynamics, space and finite execution in the playing carves the experience, keeping the listener glued to their headphones from start to finish. 

The artwork, created by organist Callum Riley aka Drez, is a stunning visual representation of the 12-track medley. To add to the experience, the LP cover creates an interactive optical art experience, straight from the brain of someone uniquely equipped to convey Karate Boogaloo’s sounds into a visual representation. 

Karate Boogaloo is a quartet greater than the sum of its parts; and the parts are very, very good.