Pale Jay Dives Deep on New LP, Low End Love Songs

Pale Jay
Low End Love Songs
Colemine-Exclusive Gold Vinyl ltd. 500 Copies
Karma Chief Records
Pre-Order Today //  Street Date: September 6, 2024

Low End Love Songs, more so than previous releases, is a diary in form of song. I knew I just had to wait for the songs to be ready to be picked, like ripe fruit from a tree. The entire album came together in just four weeks, a process that was both cathartic and joyful. Each tune encapsulates a distinct moment in my life, with music serving as my means of processing complex and sometimes conflicting emotions. 

On this album, I depart from loop-based song structures towards more intricate and lush compositions. Latin influences permeate the music, adding new layers of rhythms and textures to my soul-music roots. 

- Pale Jay