Reverend Baron's 'Some Demos' EP On Limited Cassette!

Fans of Reverend Baron will be stoked to know that we've made 100 copies of his 'Some Demos' project on cassette tapes, and they are up for order right now! To go along with that, all 8 songs are available for streaming (that means two new ones today; "Little Valley" and "Bother You"). Pick up your copy while they last. It's a great looking tape.

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More Info:

Reverend Baron
Some Demos
Limited Cassette Release (100)
Karma Chief Records
Now Streaming Everywhere

LA-based singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Reverend Baron gives us a glimpse into his creative process with a handful of intimate recordings. With this collection of demos, Reverend Baron peels back a few layers and exposes his authentic and effortless sounds, that of which emanate a glow of sunny nostalgia.

The EP wanders through an anthology of unreleased tunes and new iterations of songs from Reverend's previously released LPs. 'Little Valley,' which debuted on 2019's 'Overpass Boy', now features only a nylon-stringed acoustic guitar and sun-soaked vocals. 'Frozen Moon' and 'I See You Runnin' take a more layered approach. Reverend closes the batch with 'A Brother's Song,' an introspective one-sided conversation with a man behind bars. It's a heartbreaking story stacked atop of carefully plucked strings, and serves as the perfect closing tune.

Reverend Baron previously released 'From Anywhere..." on Karma Chief Records in 2022, and his inaugural album 'Overpass Boy' will be available on vinyl for the first time this coming Spring. In the meantime, we invite you to enjoy 'Some Demos,' an intimate look behind the curtain.