In The Infinite

Color: Clear vinyl LP

RELEASE DATE: 12/1/2023

Jason Grimez is a Cincinnati-based DJ and producer. He has a long history of record collecting, sampling, and creating new sounds with analog gear. Grimez works with some of Cincinnati’s finest studio musicians to create raw, soulful, instrumental hip-hop under the moniker Doctor Bionic. The next LP, In The Infinite, is due out 12/01/2023 via Chiefdom Records.

Grimez fell in love with music during the golden era of early 90’s east coast hip hop – when digging for jazz & funky samples were the backbone of beats. He became comfortable scratching on a pair of 1200s and sampling records with an MPC 3000 in high school. After years of collecting music and working on his sound behind the scenes, he has compiled a huge discography of original songs.

In 2015, Grimez started his independent label Chiefdom Records. His studio persona Doctor Bionic was one of the first to see a release on the new imprint. The project features a studio band of session musicians. Grimez is responsible for writing, recording, producing, mixing, and releasing the records. He gathers a group of musicians in his studio, presents a few ideas, and hits record.

Due to a rotating cast of musicians and ever-changing inspirations, no two sessions are alike. “There’s no set pattern,” Grimez explained. “I’ll invite some session players and have them jam on a few ideas. Sometimes we’ll start with a drum break and add melodies over top. It’s mostly improv, and I can always go back and chop it up.” One common thread is the fresh, original sounds. “I like to call it Organic Groove,” he shared. “I’m inspired by all kinds of music – instrumental hip-hop, soul, classic rock, jazz, you name it. When we get in the studio, all of the pieces add up to a new sound.” In The Infinite features some of the best players in the Cincinnati music scene. Cameron Brown played guitar on several tracks. Brian Batchelor-Glader, an award-winning pianist, was also involved.

All 12 tracks provide the perfect backdrop for hanging with a group of good friends or cruising in the car. The drums are solid, consistent, and lay an effortless foundation for all kinds of instrumentation. Jazzy trumpet lines, ethereal keyboards, choppy soul guitar licks, and much more. “Do You Remember?” (track 2) heroes a busy, poppy guitar and a head-bobbing bassline. The record scratching and tape-recorded drum tones on “Plastic Art” (track 7) feels like a hip-hop instrumental from the early aughts. From top to bottom, this record has a lot to offer. Pick up a copy of In The Infinite on vinyl or stream the album on 12/01/2023

1. Intro
2. Do You Remember?
3. Pretty Lady
4. A Union of Opposites
5. Tremendous Force
6. Astral Paradise
7. Plastic Art
8. Remote Frontiers
9. Magnetism
10. Your Outlook
11. The Madness of Crowds
12. Beyond Time & Space

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