Pot Of Gold



Originally released in 1971, Detroit's 'El Count Executives' epitomise the mythical, spoken sentiment of love through their only single, 'Pot Of Gold' & 'Nothing Comes To a Sleeper (But A Dream)', written & released by Ohio native, Kennedy Hollman, on his record label 'Gemini", aptly named after his astrological sign.

Hollman, who had his debut single 'l've Got Style' in 1967, recorded as 'The Mints', later known as 'The Imperial Wonders', became a leading figure amongst the Cleveland circuit, fronting 'The Rotations'. His initial release by 'El Count Executives', recorded in Detroit at Gary Rubin's 'Pioneer Recording Studio', was shortly followed by 'The Soul In-Pressions', released on 'Aquarius', another astrologically tipped label ran alongside Henry Watkins, Jr. & James Lately. Towards the late 70s, Holman was part of Detroit's Soul/Disco act, 'Solid Solution'.

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