RELEASE DATE: 2/3/2023

In an interview with Terry Riley, he talked about how John Coltrane had influenced him with the following reflection about Coltrane´s composition method “taking a block of sound that It wasn't necessarily always forward moving it would take a while before it would gather momentum and go forward." That idea has been settling in Misha's way of composing, as reflected in several of his latest works, leading him to conceptualize this album under the premise of mixing jazz with the minimalist / repetitive patterns to be able to focus on little nuances of the music. When the music consists of repetitive moments the listener has more time to focus on patterns (that can play with his mind).On "Momentum" it's framed into jazz rhythms and spiced with solos, to make it more accessible, with an earthy and far out sound at the same time."

Produced, recorded and mixed by Misha Panfilov.
Master by Nene Baratto at Morphine Raum, Berlin.
Pressing by Archer Record Pressing, Detroit.

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