Can't Fool Me Twice

RELEASE DATE: 5/7/2021

Thee Lakesiders have returned and with a new 7”, “Can’t Fool Me Twice / Show Me Love”! It’s been a long three years since Thee Lakesiders jumped on to the scene with a slew of homemade YouTube videos, notably their own classic renditions of “Lonely Blue Nights” and their hit single “Parachute”. Since then the duo have spent most of their time advocating for many of the socio-economic matters of our time all while mastering their craft. It wasn’t until August 2020 when Thee Lakesiders met up with Jason Joshua & Joey Q at Second Sound Studios, after expressing their mutual admiration for one another, they decided to team up for one hell of a release, “Can’t Fool Me Twice / Show Me Love”! 

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