In Your Corner b/w Bewilderment


RELEASE DATE: 3/22/2024

This new 45 from Karma Chief Records showcases two tracks from Pale Jay's latest LP, Bewilderment. The A side, In Your Corner is an Afrobeat inspired song that addresses a conversation with the self. An uplifting tune at first glance, the lyrics lay bare the internal struggle for self-acceptance. The song explores the push and pull between self-love and self-judgement that can often leave us feeling lost and uncertain. The B side and title track to Pale Jay's latest LP 'Bewilderment' showcases the main elements of his unique sound palette: silky falsetto over soulful harmonies and dusty hip hop beats. 'Bewilderment' tells the story of the disintegration of a family, creating a captivating and soulful musical experience and a journey into self discovery.

A - In Your Corner
B - Bewilderment

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