Cry Baby Cry / Blame My Heart


RELEASE DATE: 02/23/2024

1961, Port Richmond, Staten Island, NYC: Five kids stumble into a community center, sent by their parents to keep them off the streets and out of trouble. A lifelong friendship is formed over their shared love of doo-wop. The kids start learning harmony and the next thing they know they’re cutting records. The group begins to gain steam as they take their act to street corners and clubs around New York City. But history has other plans for the boys. First, The Beatles invade America, making doo-wop yesterday’s news. Then, the United States invades Vietnam and two of the five boys are sent off to the jungle.

Reintroducing: The Splendids. 63 years after their initial formation, the group has reconvened to cut two truly breathtaking records. While two original members (Johnny Vorrasi and Tommy Stanaway) have since passed, the three surviving Splendids (Richie Creighton, Eddie Fieramosca, Walter Doyle) have regenerated themselves and enlisted the help of multi-platinum soul singer Eamon to sing lead. Eamon is no stranger to doo-wop, as he got his start in the music business touring the Northeast as a young boy with a group his father Walter formed in the 90’s. With this father and son reunion on these two tracks, the listener is taken back to a time when walking down the street you might come across a gang of youth singing their hearts out on a street corner, serenading the city with their souls. The Splendids hired Los Angeles based producer and multi-instrumentalist Dan Ubick to produce the records and conjure up the retro rhythm and blues sounds of the 1960’s. Frequent Eamon collaborator the Oklahoman Benj Heard was then brought on to mix and produce the vocals. Both Ubick and Heard’s sonic fingerprints add texture and groove to the groups legacy on ‘Cry Baby Cry’ and ‘Blame My Heart’.

Generations have come together from coast-to-coast to take back what history took from them. Enjoy the sweet, sweet sounds of true soul. Enjoy The Splendids.

Red Vinyl limited to 500 copies worldwide!

1. Cry Baby Cry
2. Blame My Heart

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