Benji's Peach Pit / Evolfo Tries Love

Color: Black Vinyl 7-inch
RELEASE DATE: 6/3/2022

No global pandemic can dull the drive of musicians to create. At the onset of the Covid-19 crisis artists everywhere found themselves pondering what music making looks like under quarantine. In the absence of touring and in-person recording New York’s Ben Pirani and Evolfo - members of whom play in Ben’s backing band The Means Of Production - prove the spirit of collaboration can still flourish under social distancing with the help of file sharing. And so the idea to exchange remixes of existing material revealed itself. Each musician recording their parts from home and zapping them across the city to be assembled.

Peachy, from Evolfo’s 2017 LP Last Of The Acid Cowboys released on Brooklyn’s Royal Potato Family is given a solemn reharmonization by Pirani. Jumping off with cacophonous strings and horns it then shifts to a winter’s day post-bop groove with Matt Gibbs original vocal swirling above. cacophony returns and bookends the track leaving the listener to ponder the poetic lyric.

Try Love, from Ben Pirani’s 2018 Colemine LP How Do I Talk To My Brother is stripped to it’s vital elements and built up again. Evolfo’s reimagining unfolds with a searing sunshine fuzz guitar. as the unique groove heats up Matt and Raff stack Ben’s original vocals getting to the message of the tune. we, together. After two big key changes the tune pours into a psychedelic zone’s unknown punctuated by sheets of delayed saxophone. "

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