Is It Me You Really Love


RELEASE DATE: 8/22/2006

This is deadstock from Truth & Soul, not in shrinkwrap.

Truth and Soul presents another installment of reissues from the vaults of Blacktop Records. This release features Black Velvet's "Is it Me You Really Love" b/w "An Earthquake's Coming". Blessed with the master tapes, Truth and Soul has remixed and remastered both tracks and given instrumental versions of the two. On side A teenage female vocal trio, Black Velvet, sing about the thin line between love and sex. The B side, "An Earthquakes's Coming", is a burning funk track with that immediatly recognizable North Jersey sound that sets it apart from the rest. Also featured on the B side is an instrumental mix and an unreleased vocal and guitar mix of "Love Me Just a Little While Longer".


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