La Valla b/w Nora Se Va



On February of 2006 Bronx River Pkwy took a trip to Puerto Rico with the plans of making a full-length record in collaboration with Pablo Rodriguez of Candela Records. This 45 is just a taste of the magic that came out of this two week long, monumental meeting of titans in old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Side one, entitled "La Valla' (The Fence), is especially appropriate with the current state of affairs regarding immigrant's rights. An Uptempo number with a marching band flair featuring the voice of Jose Parla (A.K.A. 'Ease'). Side B, enitled 'Nora Se Va" is a midtempo ballad with a soundtrack feel featuring legendary singer Tito Cruz, a key member of Roberto Roena and Apollo Sound for close to thirty years--includes a special guest appearance by Japanese pop star Mari Mari.


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