Got Me Thinkin' Tonight / Joy & Pain

Color: Metallic Silver vinyl 7-inch

RELEASE DATE: 11/25/2022

Money Mouse Records moves effortlessly into the neon-hued vibes of 80’s boogie culture with their latest 7” offering from Nashville’s CA$H BONU$. Made up of some familiar faces from Music City’s funk and soul movement, Andrew Muller and Nick DeVan are joined by Amber Woodhouse who lends her powerfully silken vocals to the mix. With the addition of Pittsburgh’s synthesist maestro, BusCrates, along with Muller’s deftly executed production flourishes; this record goes straight to the sweet spot of post-disco lushness.

“Got Me Thinkin Tonight” is designed for the late-nite dancefloor aficionados, taking cues from some of the era’s greats and shaking things up into something new and heaving. The synth work and beats weave together with Woodhouse’s amorous lyrics to create a dancefloor jam that sounds just as at home in 1982 as it does in 2022.

That magic is repeated on the B-side with “Joy & Pain” a straight up hustler of a track, with a driving drums and heady arrangements that, again, are meant to get the dancefloor churning. Woodhouse’s vocals deliver a sweet soulful emotion that jives perfectly with a groove that would make Rod Temperton proud. And don’t forget the heavy drum break at the end. CA$H BONU$ is bringing the boogie heat to your feet for real!

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