How Do I Talk To My Brother?


RELEASE DATE: 9/21/2018

VNYL Pressing Info: We pressed 1000 on random colored vinyl with a standard (not tip-on, not gatefold) jacket as a VNYL exclusive. This is remaining stock from that pressing.

“It’d be easy to mistake this release for yet another soul revival album made by a dude who wasn’t there the first time around - but it’d be the listener’s mistake to make. What kind of record is a man with a punk past going to make when he’s been a mod, a rocker and a rare soul collector in between? One that draws on a familial history of activism, sacrifice and earnest hustling – the very same things we’re all being called upon to conjure as a society in this present moment. This is a body of work that lets neither performer nor listener off the hook, yet still understands the need for care and cause in the spaces between. Consider it: A band of fighters meant for the clear-eyed lovers of the world. Ben Pirani is not fooling around, and neither are the working musicians who agreed to make this record with him.” - Jocelyn Brown

Colemine Records is proud to present the debut LP from Ben Pirani. A record that feels so very easy and familiar, but at the same time fresh and relevant. Like the hype sticker says, “Soul music that’s so positive it might just spark a revolution!”


  1. Try Love
  2. Not One More Tear
  3. Light Of My Life
  4. Art School Girl
  5. Can’t Get Out Your Own Way
  6. You Brought The Rain
  7. It’s Understanding
  8. Dreamin’s For Free
  9. That’s What You Mean To Me
  10. How Do I Talk To My Brother? 


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