Galaxy Oasis / Julieta

RELEASE DATE: 10/22/21

Fantasy 15 is a band of mortal fighters from Zoltandia striving to prevent an evil & merciless digital government from destroying the entire galaxy...Armed with analog synthesizers and a never ending supply of primordial drum breaks, the rebel group works diligently day and night to save all of humanity from the horrors of robotic automation. When they are not busy saving the world, Fantasy 15 serve as the house band for Philadelphia-based Synth & Soul record label Eraserhood Sound. Hot on the heels of their latest 7" Burgundy Mist / Percy St., which was released in early 2021 and sold out almost immediately, the group are back with another killer 45. The A-side "Galaxy Oasis" is the group's first single with a proper lead vocal, featuring a local singer from the group's native Zoltandia. This synth fueled funk gem is primed to pack futuristic dancefloors for millenia to come. The flip side "Julieta" is perfect for when the party's winding down and it's time to get serious, with its tough beat, sinister flutes, and sultry guitar. Both songs will feature on the Planet IX EP due out in the fall of 2021. This 7" serves as the perfect soundtrack to Fantasy 15's never-ending quest across the galaxy.

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