Language Of Love


Since exploding onto the scene with his debut 45, “Rosegold” and it’s anthemic follow-up, “I Don’t Care," Jason Joshua has built a dedicated following for his distinctive latin-soul sound and his notoriously titillating live performances. Following a string of homegrown Miami recordings with the Beholders on his own Mango Hill Records, Jason hopped the plane to Riverside to gather the Penrose Scholars for a session with his friend Bosco Mann, where he was eager to prove that just like a record, there’s more than one side to a man: “Language of Love” finds an ebullient Jayjo bubbling over an uptempo, guiro-laced latin-soul groove, while on the flip, “La Vida es Fría” slows to a dark crawl over which his Bataan-esque bilingual croons of cold-world sadness intertwine with mournful violins. But there is a glimmer of hope in the end as he enjoins us, We can work it out / If you know what I’m talking about...

A. Language Of Love
B. La Vida Es Fria

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