Mixtape #3

RELEASE DATE: 4/2/2021

Melbourne cinematic funk outfit Karate Boogaloo's third instalment of their KB’s Mixtapes series - KB’s Mixtape No. 3 - Songs from Film & Television.

On this mixtape, KB reinterpret and reengineer themes from film and TV that were used as sample material in hip hop, diving deep into a plethora of sources and flipping them in their wonky, left-field instro-soul style.

The KBs Mixtapes series, self-produced collections of interpretations of hip hop samples, fast became cult classics amongst Melbourne’s diggers; since KB’s Mixtape No. 1’s independent release and distribution by the band, crusty funk reimaginings of deep tunes from the world of hip hop subversively found their way onto turntables around the world.

KB’s Mixtape No.3, was produced and engineered by Karate Boogaloo bass player Henry Jenkins. A pivotal cog in the engine of Melbourne soul, Jenkins is responsible for the production of every record on the College Of Knowledge catalogue, including both Surprise Chef LPs All News Is Good News and Daylight Savings.

1. Brother's Gonna Work It Out
2. Introduction and The Magic Rope
3. Bumpy's Lament
4. Diamonds Are Forever
5. Ae Naujawan Sab Kuchh Yahan
6. Blind Man Can See
7. Flight
8. "T" Plays It Cool
9. Gonna Fly Now
10. Main Title (The Shining)
11. 羽化 (Uka)
12. 9 to 5

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