Get Ready



When it comes to Soul music, all it will take is for you to listen to the new single from Truth & Soul’s duo Lady to remind you why you love it so much. A new transatlantic collaboration between musicians Terri Walker (Mercury Prize nominated UK vocalist) and Nicole Wray (Gold Record selling artist and Black Keys, Missy Elliot and Kid Kuti collaborator), Lady is bringing back the sweet sounds from yesterday that were highlighted on labels such as Atlantic, Stax, and Motown and combining their vocal flavor with this period 60’s Pop influenced Soul, smooth R & B and hard Hip Hop beats. Along with the impeccable production of Leon Michels and Jeff Silverman, Lady drop a modern day soundtrack of “growing up and never giving up, of love and friendship, of yearning and losing, and bad girls and good hearts”. This is a project you haven’t heard before and you may very well never hear again. Soul music is definitely alive and well in the ’13, and Lady are bringing it home on this freshman release. Each one teach one, and these two Soul sirens are the head of the class.

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