The Snag


RELEASE DATE: 7/28/2023

"Money Mouse Records sets up the pins and is ready to bowl a strike with their third release; this time with Magic In Threes.

Serving up a solid double-sider, ""The Snag"" features DeRobert Adams on vocals, smoothly gliding across the rough, rugged, and raw drum heavy production with a touch of horn blasts in just the right places to keep your head nodding and funk face on full! The B-side, ""Sanguinary Dub"", is a bouncy instrumental that's ripe for rocking the doubles for those of us that like to get loose and stretch things out a bit. Both tunes were digitally released back in 2008 on the G.E.D. Soul Singles Collection compilation, but are finally making their vinyl debut; so if you're looking to add something new and exciting to your crates, these Money Mouse mixes are just for you! Coming off of the labels recent release CA$H BONU$, this is the perfect follow up, showing diversity in sounds that the label is shooting for and not trapping themselves into a box. -Skeme Richards (Nostalgia King) "

1. The Snag
2. Sanguinary Dub

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