Eccentric Soul: The Prix Label


RELEASE DATE: 7/31/2007

In 2005, while making his Saturday morning yard sale rounds around town, collector Blake Oliver stumbled upon a box of curiously marked tapes. At first, Oliver thought he'd found the lost masters from Clem Price and George Beter's Columbus-based Prix label. But after a cursory listen, he realized that these were not the Prix masters, but rather demos and unreleased tracks from Prix's Harmonic Sounds studio. Somehow, this was even better. In addition to Eddie Ray's heart-stopping "Wait A Minute," here were dozens of examples of what can only be described as "soul blueprints." In addition to presenting remasters of thrilling previously released material by Joe King, Marion Black, O.F.S. Unlimited, the Royal Esquires, Mitch Mitchell & Gene King, the Soul Ensemble, and Chip Willis, Eccentric Soul: The Prix Label includes Penny & the Quarters' uplifting "You And Me" - as featured in the 2010 film Blue Valentine.

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