From Me To You


RELEASE DATE: 07/14/2023

Kelly made you a mixtape. It’s an eclectic mix of ideas, recorded and produced at Transistor Sound Studio in Marin County, California. “I want to share what I’ve been working on,” Kelly explained. “It’s not a proper album, and it doesn’t have the same vibe all throughout. It’s a collection of different ideas, which is how I used to share the music I loved with my friends.”

About half of the songs represent his influence directly from hip-hop, crate digging, record collecting and the art of sampling. The original beat-driven drums and looping melodies provide the backdrop for future emcees to record over. “When I first decided that I wanted to make my own music, it was with drum machines and samplers,” Kelly shared. “I’ve always been inspired by the sounds on hip-hop records. That’s where my musical aspirations began.”

Fans of Kelly’s previous work know that he’s capable of creating the kind of classic records that are often the subject of sampling. The mixtape contains a few new original tunes, instrumental versions of his known b-sides Trouble and It’s Not That Easy, and a soul stirring acoustic version of Impressions of You, which was originally released on Kelly’s debut LP The Tales People Tell in 2019.

Kelly is working with Colemine Records to release the mixtape exclusively on cassette. “Owning a physical copy of a song and using a specific piece of equipment to hear it – that was a huge part of my musical upbringing. This is a selection of different songs on a tape. It’s how I want people to experience it.”

Kelly's mixtape is a cassette-only release and limited to 500 copies worldwide!  

1. In The Beginning
2. For The People
3. Leave You Alone
4. It's Not That Easy (Instrumental)
5. Otis Speaks
6. Forever Lover
7. My Love Is For You
8. Trouble (Instrumental)
9. Switchblade
10. Thom's Hartbreak
11. Impressions Of You (Acoustic Mixtape Version)
12. From The Heart
13. As The Days Pass
14. Once In A Life
15. So Long Intro
16. So Long

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