Beck & Call / Daydreaming


RELEASE DATE: 8/18/2023

Sophisticated, suave, and masterfully composed, this 45 is a sonic love letter to late 60s and early 70s soul, nodding to the giants of the genre and bowing to its unsung heroes.

With inspiration from artists like The Moments, Baby Huey, The Delfonics, and especially the late Curtis Mayfield, this 7" is drenched in the era-defining tone that can only come from its origins on analog tape.

From the first notes of the first track “Beck & Call”, the songs shimmer and glow from one moment to the next like a summer’s drive with the windows down, with a steady cruise anthem like “Daydreaming” floating by like a cool breeze.

Friends since childhood, The Sextones are Mark Sexton (guitar, vocals), Alexander Korostinsky (bass), Daniel Weiss (drums), and Christopher Sexton (piano). Having known each other for so long, their musical chemistry is effortless and forms the foundation of the band’s longevity and creative workflow. Despite their bond, each member has been able to channel their creativity into other acclaimed groups—Alexander and Mark with their cinematic-soul project Whatitdo Archive Group, whose acclaimed debut LP The Black Stone Affair was released on Record Kicks in 2021, and Daniel with the soul/jazz group Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio (Colemine Records). Flexing their creative muscle individually has only strengthened The Sextones’ collective songwriting ability and heralds their formidable return to the spotlight. With their recent signing to Record Kicks, the self-made heroes of soul begin a new chapter in their sonic journey, ready to scale new heights and plumb deep emotional depths in service of the genre they love.

A. Beck & Call
B. Daydreaming

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